Sylvia and Martino flirt and play in the small town of Pacific Palisades in the middle of the night.

(6 min) - Experimental
Starring Shelley Dennis
& Devi Kajishvili

A Date to Remember

A dinner date: he's a hitman; she's the hit.

(7 min) - Crime Drama
Starring Greta Pauley &
Astrit Ibroci


African American investigative journalist, Maya Temple, confronts the CEO of a large corporation about his business practices.

(4 min) - Drama
Directed by Cameron Pazirandeh
Produced by Linda Asuma


A dreamy French new wave trip through the Venice Canals in California...

(6 min) - Experimental
Starring Jessica Lynn McKay

Heart of the Mountain

A young woman hikes into the mountains to talk with God and confront her difficult journey.

(4 min) - Musical Drama
Starring Jessica Lynn McKay
Soundtrack by Jacob Shrum

The "You" Card

A capricious young man, Cameron, finds a frugal way to give a gift to Jessica with a cynical twist.

(6 min) - Comedy
Starring Jessica Lynn McKay &
Cameron Pazirandeh