Sylvia and Martino flirt and play in the small town of Pacific Palisades in the middle of the night.

(6 min) - Experimental
Starring Shelley Dennis
& Devi Kajishvili

A Date to Remember

A dinner date: he's a hitman; she's the hit.

(7 min) - Crime Drama
Starring Greta Pauley &
Astrit Ibroci

Deadly Combination

Four gangsters walk into a storage facility to retrieve some goods from a safe, but when Mike and Sal try to hijack the goods, the plan goes awry leaving them with two dead bodies and no explanation. Deadly Combination tells the story of their battle to find an explanation for their boss Tony.

(11 min) - Crime Drama
Directed by Cameron Pazirandeh
Starring Steven William Lock, Boris Kievsky & Astrit Ibroci


A dreamy French new wave trip through the Venice Canals in California...

(6 min) - Experimental
Starring Jessica Lynn McKay

Heart of the Mountain

A young woman hikes into the mountains to talk with God and confront her difficult journey.

(4 min) - Musical Drama
Starring Jessica Lynn McKay
Soundtrack by Jacob Shrum

The "You" Card

A capricious young man, Cameron, finds a frugal way to give a gift to Jessica with a cynical twist.

(6 min) - Comedy
Starring Jessica Lynn McKay &
Cameron Pazirandeh