CAMPAZ Films Demo Reel

What Is 'New Media'?

CAMPAZ Films is a New Media Production company, which compromises all things digital.  It is that vague world we all live in now which combines entertainment, social media, computer programming, web design, graphic design, you name it.  In the past, media was more restricted and defined: you had television, cinema and theater.   You called your friend on a wired telephone and wrote things on pieces of paper.  So many things have changed and evolved since.

The goal of CAMPAZ Films is to produce content that succeeds in this ever-evolving world.  To promote a business or produce a film, it now requires a myriad of disciplines to keep up with the competition.  You need social media management, graphic design, videography and video editing, as well as the timeless skills of promotional writing and branding.  To succeed, it is necessary to master all these disciplines and orchestrate them together in a coherent and clear way.

CAMPAZ Films does this by tailoring its approach to every situation.  One business may require a more complex approach in marketing, something that appeals to a younger crowd, which needs more outlets reached in different stimulating ways.  Another may need something simple, stoic and unwavering, such as the landing page for a film in development.  The exciting part about New Media is that every situation is new, offering new insights and new challenges.